Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are we called?
Our company is called Foreigners Service s.r.o.

2. When was our company founded?
Foreigners Service s.r.o. was established in September 1999

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3. Are we a Travel Agency?
Yes, we are a Travel Agency

4. Does our company have a Travel Agency License?
Yes, we have the following Licenses:
– Travel Agency license N 310010-000332199 from 05.08.1999.
– Rental Properties license N 310010-000331669 from 05.08.1999.
– Providing Accommodation for tourists license N 310010-000332299 from 05.08.1999.

5. How long have we worked in tourist services?
We have been working in tourist business since September 1999.

6. In which towns of Czech Republic do we offer accommodation?
We offer accommodation in hotels of Prague and Czech spa hotels in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne.

7. Do we have contracts with the hotels where we offer accommodation?
Yes, we have contracts with all the hotels that we offer for accommodation.

8. Do we own any hotels?
We own a number of apartments in the centre of Prague.

9. Can we provide transfers between airport/train station and a hotel?
Yes, we can provide airport and train station transfers for clients that booked accommodation in Prague and Czech spa hotels in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne
with us.

10. In which parts of Prague do we offer accommodation?
We offer accommodation in hotels in different parts of Prague – in its historical centre, convenient for walking tours, and in the suburbs of Prague, convenient for parking.

11. What is the rating of the hotels we offer?
We offer accommodation in hotels in Prague and spa resort towns of different price rating – from 5-star luxurious hotels to budget family pensions.

12. Do we offer accommodation at the same price as a hotel’s standard room rate?
No, we offer accommodation at a better price than a hotel’s standard room rate.

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13. How can we offer accommodation at prices lower than hotels’ fixed rates?
As a result of our long term cooperation with hotels we have obtained contracts enabling us to provide accommodation at bargain prices.

14. How to book accommodation in a hotel with our company?
Please, fill out the booking form which is available on our website.

15. What are our refund conditions?
If you cancel your hotel reservation 3 days or more prior to your arrival you will receive a 100% refund.
If you cancel your hotel reservation 2 days or less prior to your arrival, you will be charged the cost of one day’s accommodation in the hotel, which is the amount the hotel requires as a standard fee for late cancellation.

16. How can you pay the for hotel accommodation?
We offer two kinds of payment:
– by credit card
– by bank transfer

17. Which documents do our clients receive after the booking and payment have been done?
After you have booked and paid for a hotel accommodation you will receive a tourist voucher and the payment confirmation.

18. Is it possible to pay for accommodation directly to the hotel administrator upon arrival to the hotel?
Yes, it is possible, however in that case client will have to pay according to the hotel’s fixed rates.

19. Will your credit card information be kept confidential?
Yes, you can be sure of that. Our booking forms are specially encoded to guarantee that all client information will be kept confidential. You can send us your credit card number by fax if you feel that it is more safe.

20. What can the client do, should he feel that the hotel does not meet his requirements?
If for some reason the hotel doesn’t meet your requirements please inform us immediately upon registering at the hotel and we will try to find a suitable solution.

21. Can we arrange guided tours and car rentals?
Yes, we are able to arrange guided tours and car rentals for our clients.

22. Can we assist in obtaining a Czech Tourist Visa?
Yes, we are able to assist our clients in getting a tourist visa by providing our clients with all the necessary documentation (tourist voucher, hotel booking and payment confirmation) that should ensure issuing of the Czech tourist visa.

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